Welcome to GUOTAI Pacific:

  Pronto, Guotai Mesh Co. Ltd. has a history of over 28 years. We from the Shanghai Industrial cloth Co., Ltd. development, founded in 1988. Over the years, the attention in all kinds of mesh fabric, industrial cloth weaving research.
  Company is currently in the critical period of rapid development, independent development of mesh fabric, net cloth, shoe cloth, bags fabric, cloth handbags net, net cloth, jacquard cloth, printing cloth, decorative mesh cloth mesh fabric with more than 1000 kinds. We will continue to improve enterprise management and technology, continue to develop all kinds of professional talents, make the enterprise as soon as possible into the international industrial development track
  Company has always been adhering to the "open, innovation, communication, service, harmonious" business philosophy, with customers to create the market, mutual benefit and win-win; and employees to create value, coexistence and co prosperity; and society to create wealth, the sharing of resources. To this idea, company will in the new starting point to achieve the company to a higher goal, gathering of talents, optimize management, transformation and upgrading, adjust and optimize the product structure, and constantly improve the quality of the products, and comprehensively improve the economic benefits of the company, realize the sustainable development of the company, to create a modern textile enterprise of a hundred years。